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MyAnalog Station



Circuit Editor, SPICE Netlist Extractor & Simulator

MyAnalog Station V6.3 is the schematic capture with circuit-level simulator solution for circuit design. MyAnalog Station V6.3 enables the efficient circuit design and manipulation of hierarchical structured circuits from analog library subsets that are mostly frequently used device in SPICE and user-defined compositions. Schematics are created in schematic editor interpreting through MySPICE. MySPICE is a circuit simulator based on Berkely SPICE.

MyAnalog Station™

  • SchEd_Analoog : Schematic / Symbol Editor

  • Logic2SPICE: Extracts Standard SPICE, HSPICE, PSPICE, CDL

  • MySPICE : Analog Circuit (SPICE) Simulator

  • MyPostProcessor: Graphical Simulation Analyzer


Main Features

  • SchEd_Analog : Schematic / Symbol Editor

    • Supports on-line circuit check

    • Property inheritance and passing through hierarchy

    • An easy to use and array copy


  • Logic2SPICE : SPICE Netlist Extractor

    • Extracts Standard SPICE, HSPICE, PSPICE, CDL

    • Property Inheritance (Hierarchy)

  • MySPICE : Analog Circuit(SPICE) Simulator

    • Interactive simulation control provides the simulation results during the run

    • Plotting of device parameters during simulation

    • Supports saving/loading of graph setups

    • Provides DC, AC, Transient, Transfer Function , Pole-Zero, Noise Analysis

    • MySPICE runs on the MS Windows

    • Provides BSIM, BSIM2, BSIM3, BSIM4, Losy Transmission Lines, MOS Level 6

    • Improved DC operating point analysis with Gmin and source stepping

  • MyPostProcessor: Graphical Simulation Analyzer

    • Plotting of sums and circuit variables

    • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

    • Cursors to select numerical values and to calculate differences between variables

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